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Party date and time (and an alternate)*
Number of Guests
Guest of Honor's name and age (if a birthday party)
Price you would like to spend on each Guest
Contact name, address and phone number
For our T-REX Café location in
The Legends at Village West in Kansas City
Call: 913-334-8888

For all other Build-A-Dino® locations
Call (toll free): 1-877-789-2327

  • Saint Louis Science Center, St. Louis Missouri
  • Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • 5th Ave. at 46th, New York City, New York


*Some dates are unavailable for parties. Please contact us to check availability.


Each party Guest makes a new best friendosaur - a stuffed dino they take home in their own Dino Den™ carrying case. Each party Guest can choose a dino, stuff it, give it a heart filled with good wishes, fluff it, dress it, name it and make a personalized Build-A-Dino birth certificate.

Select from one of the pre-planned dinomite party packages starting at only $15 per Guest. Or, you can make your own party package. Maybe you want a furry prehistoric fashion party or a rockin' sports theme? It is up to you!

A party leader to keep your Guests entertained throughout the party process.
An autograph dino for the party Guest of Honor
Birthday party favors for all party Guests
Printable invitations and thank you notes
Basic Dino Package
$15 per Guest
$ 15 Friendosaur
Cool Dino Package
$21 per Guest
$15 Friendosaur
$6 Tiny Tee
Gear Up Dino Package
$25 per Guest
$15 Friendosaur
$10 Outfit
Ultimate Dino Package
$28 per Guest
$15 Friendosaur
$10 Outfit
$3 Sound
It's up to you!
Choose from a variety of friendosaurs priced from $15 to $20. Add on outfit and accessories from lots of cool prehistoric styles.